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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Old Native Indian Coins Pt. 1

Hi There Again!

                       This 2 part blog (This one being 1/2) will be covering some of the common and rare Native Indian coins that may come along on your journey while digging for coins and treasure. By now, you should have known some of the basics to metal detecting. If not, please refer to the first blog of this series.


                                1913-1938 Indian Head (Buffalo) Nickel

                If you an experienced coin digger, than you should know that one of the most common (but still rare) set of Native Indian coins are the Indian Head sets. This set although seems like it would have been made by the Natives, where actually manufactured by The U.S., while the most common are between the timeline of 1913-1938, while others before or after this span are usually fakes, misprints, reruns, or just plain rare. These coins can be found mostly anywhere if you keep searching with any metal detector, but the location is still important. The best spots include:
. Open fields
. Farmland
. Old Churches
. Mountains (trails)
. Deserts such as Las Vegas, NV
              As far as pricing goes usually, the earlier the more worth. However, this is proven false when the "condition factor" comes into play. If it was made in 1913 and in still good condition and had a watermark of official mint by Denver or San Francisco, the price estimated would be around $22.00. Although, with no watermark, the price plummets down to around $3.00. If in bad or fair condition, the worth with a watermark would be around $6.00 if made in Denver, $3.00 in San Francisco, and with no watermark, estimated to be $1.00.

              Although these prices are not worth much, in best value the prices are ranging from estimates of $150.00 to $450.00. In addition, there have been several reports of finding several of these coins in the same area, and not buried very deep.the odds of finding these are fairly satisfactory if searching in the right place, about %0.0015 per dig according to the TreasureNet statistics.
This is all we will covering of this coin in our 2 part blog. remember to +1, tweet, like, share, and/or pin this. Thanks for your support. Comment below your opinion on this and what coin you would like to have covered for future reference. :) As always, Keep Diggin'!

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